Comparison of Geoffrey Chaucer Consolatione Philosophie 2 Prose 5 to William Shakespeare

Geoffrey Chaucer Consolatione Philosophie 2 Prose 5 has 133 lines, and one of them has a weak match at magnitude 10 in William Shakespeare. 99% of the lines have no match. On average, each line has 0.01 weak matches.


Consolatione Philosophie 2 Prose 5: 102

every thinge be more precious than is thilke thing whos that

Cardenio 2.1: 50

Before the question had been half-way through. But, dearest sir, I owe to you a reverence, A debt which both begins and ends with life, Never till then discharged; ‘tis so long-lasting Yet could you be more precious than a father, Which, next a husband, is the richest treasure Mortality can show us, you should pardon me (And yet confess too that you found me kind) To hear your words, though I withstood your mind.