Comparison of William Shakespeare Love's Labour's Lost 3.1 to Geoffrey Chaucer

William Shakespeare Love's Labour's Lost 3.1 has 145 lines, and one of them has weak matches at magnitude 10 to 14 in Geoffrey Chaucer. 99% of the lines have no match. On average, each line has 0.01 weak matches.

Geoffrey Chaucer

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Love's Labour's Lost 3.1: 89

Now will I look to his remuneration. Remuneration! O, that’s the Latin word for three farthings: three farthings — remuneration. “What’s the price of this inkle?” — “One penny.” — “No, I’ll give you a remuneration”: why, it carries it. Remuneration: why, it is a fairer name than French crown! I will never buy and sell out of this word.

Clerk's Tale: 977

A fairer say I never noon than she.

Clerk's Tale: 978

I prey to god yeve hir prosperitee;