Comparison of William Shakespeare Henry IV Part 2 1.2 to Geoffrey Chaucer

William Shakespeare Henry IV Part 2 1.2 has 73 lines, and 4% of them have weak matches at magnitude 10 to 14 in Geoffrey Chaucer. 96% of the lines have no match. On average, each line has 0.08 weak matches.

Henry IV Part 2 1.2

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Geoffrey Chaucer

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Henry IV Part 2 1.2: 3

Men of all sorts take a pride to gird at me. The brain of this foolish-compounded clay, man, is not able to invent any thing that intends to laughter more than I invent or is invented on me: I am not only witty in myself, but the cause that wit is in other men. I do here walk before thee like a sow that hath overwhelm’d all her litter but one. If the Prince put thee into my service for any other reason than to set me off, why then I have no judgment. Thou whoreson mandrake, thou art fitter to be worn in ...

Romaunt of the Rose: 2519

Thou be wel war that men ne wit;

Romaunt of the Rose: 2520

Feyne thee other cause than it

Henry IV Part 2 1.2: 5

... at their girdles, and if a man is through with them in honest taking up, then they must stand upon security. I had as live they would put ratsbane in my mouth as offer to stop it with security. I look’d ’a should have sent me two and twenty yards of satin (as I am a true knight), and he sends me security! Well, he may sleep in security, for he hath the horn of abundance, and the lightness of his wife shines through it; and yet cannot he see, though he have his own lanthorn to light him. Where’s Bardolph?

Knight's Tale: 997

Up-on my trouthe, and as I am a knight,

Knight's Tale: 998

That whether of yow bothe that hath might,

Henry IV Part 2 1.2: 23

I pray you, sir, then set your knighthood and your soldiership aside, and give me leave to tell you you lie in your throat if you say I am any other than an honest man.

Romaunt of the Rose: 1722

Than any other that I say,

Romaunt of the Rose: 1723

He took an arowe ful sharply whet,