Comparison of William Shakespeare Henry VI Part 2 4.10 to Geoffrey Chaucer

William Shakespeare Henry VI Part 2 4.10 has 48 lines, and 4% of them have weak matches at magnitude 10 to 14 in Geoffrey Chaucer. 96% of the lines have no match. On average, each line has 0.06 weak matches.

Geoffrey Chaucer

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Henry VI Part 2 4.10: 1

Fie on ambitions! Fie on myself, that have a sword, and yet am ready to famish! These five days have I hid me in these woods and durst not peep out, for all the country is laid for me; but now am I so hungry that, if I might have a lease of my life for a thousand years, I could stay no longer. Wherefore, on a brick wall have I climb’d into this garden, to see if I can eat grass, or pick a sallet another while, which is not amiss to cool a man’s stomach this ...

Monk's Tale: 445

I am so hungry that I may nat slepe,

Monk's Tale: 446

Now wolde god that I mighte slepen ever!

Henry VI Part 2 4.10: 39

Iden, farewell, and be proud of thy victory. Tell Kent from me, she hath lost her best man, and exhort all the world to be cowards; for I, that never fear’d any, am vanquish’d by famine, not by valor.

Legend of Dido: 236

That she hath lost her hewe, and eek her hele.